2017 skincare products I regret buying

Hi everyone! Finally we already reach the end of the year, so here I am, I’ll be sharing with you guys what’s makeup and skincare products that I REGRET BUYING

Yes you read them right. There are some products that are not beyond my expectations and I really want to share with you guys why I hate them.

Lemme tell you, my skin type is acne prone oily, and my hair type is also oily scalp, sensitive.

1st product will be Benton Honest Cleansing Foam.

I do have a high expectation on Benton Honest line since that stated that they only using natural resources to make that line. But in the end I got irritation due to high level of pH. I admit this cleansing foam is so comfy but I have to throw you away because you don’t match with my skin.

The 2nd product is also from Benton, their 1st sun-cream: Benton Papaya D Sun-cream

I was excited when I was informed by Benton that I got a chance to try their 1st sun-cream product. Moreover, they stated this sun-cream has a capability of brightening up your complexion. As soon as the product came to my mailbox, I tested the sun-cream right away. I was forgot that my skin had allergy towards anything that including papaya as their ingredients, so on the next day I got couple of acne spreading out of my skin. It really brightens up the skin, and definitely good for those whose skin is dry because it’s so moisturizing!

The 3rd product that I didn’t really like is, Innisfree green-tea shampoo

I bought this shampoo out of the blue because lately I feel I want to use a natural shampoo product. I chose green tea instead of the red one because of my oily scalp. I only felt the fresh feel after washing my hair, it doesn’t smell nice. My hair getting drier and also my scalp, so I stopped using this shampoo. No repurchase needed.

The last product that I do really recommend you guys not to buy is INNISFREE JEJU VOLCANIC BLACKHEAD OUT BALM


As I used for several times, this blackhead balm has no impact for my blackhead. I mean it doesn’t make my blackhead out of my pores; I am using this balm to massage instead. You better scrub it using st. ives scrub – Apricot ones or chemical exfoliation method will do!

That’s all for today! Have a nice day and I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!

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